Stalingrad Heritage

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At Stalingrad Heritage we want to help people understand the unique heritage of Stalingrad and encourage people to help us support the people of Stalingrad and those in the Red Army who fought during the Second World War. Click here to find out more about Stalingrad's legacy.

What does Stalingrad Heritage Do?

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  • Organise reconciliation festival in Volgograd for ex-combatants, collective healing and to educate youth.

  • Sponsor veteran and youth group battlefield tours.

  • Classify and record information provided by volunteers.

  • Help organise battlefield tours for interested parties.

  • Assist individuals who would like to help carry out excavations.

  • Carry out sponsored team excavations.

  • Create relationships with similar organisations worldwide.

  • Request donations and also carry out income generating activities.

How We Operate

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  • To provide restorative and discussion activities between ex-combatants, war children of Hero Cities and their contemporaries in Sister Cities.

  • To educate about chivalrous German individuals and groups like the White Rose, Kreisau Circle, the July 20 Group, John Rabe, Fritz Gerlich and Albert Goering.

  • To assist in the excavation of fallen combatants still on the battlefield, in order to provide decent burials.

  • To record memories and eye witness accounts of survivors of the Great Patriotic War, for historians and future generations.

  • To provide research platform, in order to assist military researchers and relatives look into records of military divisions and combatants.

Our Objectives


We operate through a network of volunteers and with goodwill from contributions. Visit our volunteers page to find out how to apply to become a volunteer.


Apart from volunteer and secretarial staff, our management team are comprised of the following:


  • Mr Mikhail Shuvarikov         - Patron's Secretary (Volgograd)

  • Mr Sergey Kiselev               - General Manager (Volgograd)

  • Mr Vladimir Kolikov             - Document Supervisor (Volgograd)

  • Mr Denis Soloviev               - Excavations Manager (Volgograd)

  • Alexander Zhernovoy          - Research Consultant (Nizhny Novgorod)

  • Ms Elena Sukhova              - Cultural Director (St Petersburg)

  • Ms Lenka Homolova           - Art Director (London, UK)

  • Mr David Frimpong             - Marketing Director (London, UK)

  • Rev Canon Albert William   - Office Manager (Chicago, USA)


Our Team