Stalingrad Heritage

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We welcome any assistance from volunteers, which can help further our cause.


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Register to become a member to support our organisation. We will keep you posted about re-enactment events, upcoming events, forums; also we can put you in touch with like minded individuals.

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Help Us Build Records

We place a lot of reliance on records sent us from volunteers. If you have access to any veteran or child of the war, make notes of their experiences and send them to us. Most crucial are their names, branch of service and regiment, locations, dates, battles and other experiences. We organise them and continuously build our records. We intend to soon provide users with available information recorded. To donate records, click here.

Help Us Plant Ceramic Flowers

We need volunteers for the forthcoming reconciliation festival, to assist in planting ceramic flowers in a reconciliation park to be st up for the event.  Click here to volunteer