Stalingrad Heritage

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The name of Stalingrad was changed to Volgograd in 1961 though it reverts to former name Stalingrad on military former dates in which the city remembers and honours its unique heritage and celebrates those who fought and lived during the Great Patriotic War.


The city of Volgograd currently has around 1.02 million inhabitants and is the administrative centre of Volgograd Oblast region.


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2 February        - Axis Surrender Day


9 May                - Victory Day


22 June             - Day of Mourning and Memory


23 August         - Day of Commemoration for those killed in the

                            Bombing Raid


19 November    - Start of Operation Uranus

Military Ceremony Dates

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Volgograd is home to many military landmarks, memorials and statues which can be found throughout the city and surrounding areas. The most important ones are:  




Currently, there are still hundreds of thousands of soldiers fallen on battlefields in the region around the city. Volunteers from both the local area and overseas have spent their spare time helping to dig out and excavate bodies.  These excavated bodies are given ceremonial burials on military ceremony days.


Find out how you can become a volunteer here