Stalingrad Heritage

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About us

This is a four storey building at a cross street, between part of the city square and the river bank. Its capture would have given the Germans vantage observation points for about a kilometre of crucial river bank. It was fortified and defended by Sgt Yakov Pavlov and 25 men of the 13 Guard Division between 27 September to 25 November 1942. Despite several attempts a day by the Germans to dislodge the defenders, Sgt Pavlov and his men held the building unflinchingly. It symbolised the dogged resistance of forces during the Battle of Stalingrad, also Red Army soldiers keeping Stalin’s Order No. 227 – 'Not One Step Backwards' to the letter. Later, General Chuikov joked more Germans were killed trying to take Pavlov’s House than taking Paris.


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Memorial reads: 'In this building fused together heroic facts of warfare and labor. We will defend/rebuild you, dear Stalingrad'.

Pavlov`s House