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Mr Alkhutov also served in the 20th Tank Corp during the Battle of Kursk. He thereafter helped liberate many cities in the Ukraine, completing the war outside of Berlin. He retired from the army a sergeant. After the war, he had a career in law enforcement, retiring a few years ago. Mr Alkhutov lived in Volgograd, where he was married for seventy years, after raising two sons and several grandchildren. Sadly, he passed on in November 2016. This organisation is a part of his eternal legacy.

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Mr Pyotr Vasilievitch Alkhutov was born in Stalingrad in 1923. He joined the Red Army just before the battle of Stalingrad and served under General Chuikov in the 62nd Army.  As part of the Stalingrad Front, he participated in the defence of the city, seeing service in the Red October factory district of the city, also on Mamaev Kurgan, where he was once surrounded by German forces, so had to make his way through enemy lines with his comrades. His division the 38th Motorised Rifle Brigade was transferred across the Volga, refitted and formed part of the 64th Army in Operation Uranus.

Mr Pyotr Alkhutov

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Mr Alkhutov also took part in Operation Ring, and was one of the Red Army troops who were ordered to enter Field Marshal Paulus bunker to take his surrender on 31 January 1943, with him personally guarding the entrance of Paulus room whilst he got ready to be taken to meet Soviet generals. He was one of sixty soldiers from his division to survive the battle, out of an initial contingent of 5500.


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