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This is a dominant height overlooking the city of Stalingrad. It was known initially to the Germans as height 102 on their maps.


The hill was initially captured by the Germans on the 14th September 1942, which was recaptured by the Soviet 13th Guards Division on 16th September 1942. During the course of the battle, there were attacks for the hill up to twelve times a day. It was of utmost importance, as it gave occupants a panoramic view of the whole city. By the end of the battle, 35,000 Soviet Soldiers has lost their lives on the hill, and it contained between 500 – 1250 splinters of metal per square metre. Today, it serves as one of the most important World War Two memorial complexes in the world.


All the monuments in the complex are linked by a path called 'Lenin Avenue', with two hundred steps to the top, each step symbolising a day of the Battle of Stalingrad.


The following links below details some of the memorials on the site:


Chuikov Statue

Ruin Walls/Singing Walls

Square of Heroes/Lake of Tears

Hall of Valor

Grieving Mother


The Motherland Calls


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