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The city of Stalingrad is a place rich in military history. At Stalingrad Heritage we want to help people to understand how this small, ordinary, industrial city with no military significance became a focal point of two world ideologies and changed the course of history forever.

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Stalingrad, originally Tsaritsyn, was founded in 1589 and was named Stalingrad in 1925 after Josef Stalin's role in helping its defence against the White Army between 1919 and 1920. From 1942 onwards the city became a point of military conflict and became the site of the Battle of Stalingrad. Our timeline of events details Stalingrad's journey through World War II and the years before and following.


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Renamed to Volgograd in 1961 the city is now a vibrant city situated on the River Volga. It is an industrial city and the administrative centre of the Volgograd Oblast region.


Volgograd is rich in history and heritage and is home to many military landmarks, memorials and statues across the city highlighting its important military past.


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