Stalingrad Heritage

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About us

This is the fountain of children playing around a crocodile, which juxtaposed the carnage of the Battle of Stalingrad into the World’s conscience after the initial air raid.


The monument is derived from a Russian fairy tale of six children who went from Russia to Africa, almost got eaten by the cannibal Barmaley, who in turn got swallowed by a crocodile. Whilst in the crocodile’s belly, he promised to be nicer, so begged to be released. He then became kinder to children, also a friendly baker.


This monument was one of the few buildings to survive the Battle of Stalingrad. After the war, it was removed from its location. However in 2013, a new one was restored in the original location in front of the train station, with another smaller one built next to the flour mill.

Barmaley Fountain

Replica version at Flour Mill

Restored version at Train Station

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